Home Kitchen Cooking Action Baked Stuffed Turkey Breast, Roasted Pepper, Potato, Avocado Salad, Homemade Gravy #Home #Cooking #Turkey

Home Kitchen Cooking Action Baked Stuffed Turkey Breast, Roasted Pepper, Potato, Avocado Salad, Homemade Gravy
#Home #Cooking #Healthylifestyle

Home cooking at its best. Not as healthy, or impressive as such meals and snacks as some fitness and health social media superstars post to their “followers’, but I’m sure those that value their health, time, and overall life would choose my home cooked stuffed turkey, natural juices gravy, roasted peppers and potato, and avocado salad over donuts, pizza, “nutrition” bars, shakes, eating out, and home food delivery service, of which I’m also sure these social media content creators have a coupon code for you to “save money” 😊

With all sarcasm aside, you never save money when cutting out QUALITY. Real food versus junk food, of which donut, pastries, shakes, bars, and the like the most social media celebrities show off about, hoping you will be stupid enough to believe you can eat such unhealthy foods to create a chiselled, healthy body. It would be funny if it wasn’t so true, unfortunately there is a lot of “stupid” people that believe this.

You don’t “save’ time and money eating these garbage processed foods, instead you WASTE time and money. Let me explain. Dedicating hours a week to get to and from a gym, do a workout, and then feed your body food that can not only make you look progressively worse, but progressively bring on a diseased state such as diabetes, cancer, depression to name a few, all of which will have a negative impact on your fitness program and goals.

You invest time and money into a “healthy” lifestyle because you want to be in better, optimal health. Unfortunately, a lot of what we see on social media, advertisements all around us, and in restaurants and food establishments, will take you to a world far from “health”, rendering your investment of time, money into “health” a waste of time and money because you have something in your life preventing optimal “health” from occurring.

With the time you WASTE watching others on social media, wasting time watching movies and television, and other lifeless habits, you can “make time” to cook healthy meals to compliment your real healthy lifestyle.

Between cooking your own meals, or watching garbage on a screen, it really shouldn’t be a choice. One is life, one is “death”. I never understood how people got addicted to watching television, movies, and now in the modern world social media. YOU GOT TIME when you know what “life” habits versus “lifeless” habits” is. One shouldn’t exist. Can you guess which habits in your life shouldn’t exist?

Cooking your own food? Isn’t that what we were supposed to do to keep health and alive?

Coach George Tsanis

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