Obesogenic City Life – Protect Your Health and Time from the Modern World – KEEP MOVING

Obesogenic City Life – Protect Your Health and Time from the Modern World – KEEP MOVING

I will make this quick since all social media platforms I post on hide my posts. Google, Twitter, Pinterest, all hide my post so I will refrain from long posts that no one will read, because they can’t find it, thanks to the modern world, and those that control the media. I guess Its not hard to see why social media platforms hide my posts I explain to people the benefits of minimizing, and even better, eliminating social media and junk food from your life. Social media “shapes” how we should think, feel , and behave via their ability to control what we see, and what we see is what the big corporations pay for us to be “forced” to see, junk foods that make us sick and fat, addicting social media platforms and posts, products we cant afford but buy on credit anyways so we “look” and “feel” great when in fact mental health issues are reaching alarming levels.

Here’s my morning, which isn’t to uncommon in Toronto Canada. You take public transportation hoping you will arrive at your destination at a set scheduled time. What happens instead is your either late, or stressed out because your route got rearranged due to a broken bus, broken train, construction, etc.

City life. Line ups. Do you wait in line because your forced to, or because you accept it? See that long line up outside the Subway station? Would you wait in the cold, beside large crowds, some people of which may be on drugs, crazy, and carry weapons, or simply walk and enjoy the nice city scenery?

City life. Line ups. Line ups at cafes, restaurants, banks, shopping. Line ups are common in the modern world. I don’t wait in line unless I’m absolutely forced to! I know my options, and the time someone makes me wait, intentionally I may add, I can be on my way to another location. KEEP MOVING

City life. Time. Wasting time in line ups, on social media, talking to people that add little to no value to your life. Time you will never get back.

City Life. Stress. Waiting in line, being around dirty, rude, loud, drugged up people can drain your energy and put you in a mood of wanting to do NOTHING!!!! Sound familiar? I may be 46 years of age, but I’m probably the “youngest” guys in the world because of my mindset, but I remember a time when people had energy to be active and do fun, meaningful things all day. The modern world has stolen our desire to live. Stress of the modern world, beating us down mentally and physically, people just want to go to work and come home and relax. Is this “living”?

City Life. Food. Did you notice that junk food in the video? Because people don’t have “time” anymore, thanks to the modern world that has stolen it from us, we now are either “forced”, or “prefer” to eat cheap junk processed food, that is readily available on every corner in the city. Cheap, processed food that will progressively deteriorate your health, physical and mental. Did you see the kids asking me to buy them soda? That’s like a homeless smoker asking for a cigarette!!!! Addiction is addiction. From food, to drugs, to gambling, I have carried caskets from all addictions. One addiction isn’t worse than the other, they are all deadly.

City Life. Don’t wait in lines unless you must. Don’t eat junk food. My clients and I eat REAL FOOD, OR NO FOOD, and this sometimes means eating no food for many hours. Once you “allow” a harmful substance or habit in your life, you always run the risk of going backwards in health and set goals. Its best to eliminate anything that makes you “worse”.

City Life. Being active. Active people are healthier, leaner, stronger, happier, and have a higher quality of life than people that are not very active, eat garbage foods, allow stress to drain them, allow junk foods to control their brains, and have a poor quality of life.

Most happy people I know walk a lot. They love to feel connected with their environment. Seeing people, saying “HI” to your neighbors, people in the neighborhood, old friends, friends, watching kids play sports, going to event s around the city is just some of the ways you can add health and fitness into your lifestyle effortlessly. You can always opt to sit on the coach, watch tv, stare at your digital screen all day, text people, and hide in your home, but that’s not much of a “life” is it? Doesn’t even sound “boring”, it sounds like being “dead”.

City life. Walk or wait? Move or be idle? Real food, or junk food? Energized or drained? Happy or depressed?

City Life. Some love to show off how strong they are in the gym. Others show off their “fit” bodies? You’re not fit, strong, healthy, or happy until you can control the evil distractions of the modern world. Meaning, a balanced life where you ae in control, doing what matters, what you want, and being occupied doing what you choose to do, because its valuable to your life. That’s the STRONG individual I help create, and work with, and accept in my life. Weak people that are fake, addicted, controlled by the modern world, and manipulate others to their miserable world are to be avoided, or you will end up like them.

City Life. More than ever you need to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, or you will go from being that strong person to that weak person.

That’s all I got, no one will see / read this any ways because its not the message the modern world wants you to see.

I’m hopeful that someone will see it, that’s why I wrote it, although quickly as I always do, I don’t have hours to dedicate to writing pots and editing videos, and thank God for that, hopeful still someone will find this, read it, and start changing their life from weak to stronger, from better to #BESTEVER

Coach George Tsanis

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