YO YO Fitness Yo Yo Dieting Mental Health and Eating Disorders Disguised as Health and Fitness

YO YO Fitness Yo Yo Dieting Mental Health and Eating Disorders Disguised as Health and Fitness
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Take a look at health and fitness celebrities on social media. I guarantee besides the products they sell with the promises they make to make you look and feel better, I guarantee you will notice that some of these “fitness” and “health” content creators aren’t what they seem to be on the outside, and inside can be very very ugly.

I will rewrite this intro one day, and maybe even make an updated video, being Halloween today, and observing health professionals from chiropractors, nutritionist, personal trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Doctors, and more from the “health” field that its isn’t always about “health” , and as a professional that promote their services, it isn’t always about YOU the consumer.

Yo Yo Dieting is well known and observed. Eating to lose weight and fat, then gaining it all back. Want to bet that those that gains it back never eliminated all their bad habits to sustain their new bodyweight and fitness levels, that is, if their “new” levels were healthy in the first place, and that is another story for another day.

Yo Yo fitness is a term I use to describe people that work out to get in shape, then take time off and get out of shape. In essence, being in “shape” when they want to be or have to be, and then taking time off doing little to zero about fitness and getting out of shape.
Social media fitness celebrities that showcase their “health” and “fitness” and beautiful hot bodies usually has very little to do with what they can do for you as a client, and more to do with their health issues, specifically their mental health status and eating disorders and what they see in the mirror. That’s why they YO YO Fitness and YO YO Diet, the reasons and goals they have and the way they achieve set goals is not sustainable long term, not deep enough of value to them, because if being in great shape and eating healthy food was a priority you wouldn’t let anything come between that right? RIGHT!!!!

Many of my past and current clients KNOW what makes them fat, what makes them out of shape, know what makes them feel worse, and by knowing, and most of us do, because no way did someone not realize, especially someone with a health sciences background, that pizza, waffles, pastries were in anyway going to help with “health” and “fitness”. Instead, my clients realize what is the problem, and eliminate it. NOT for a period, not for phases, not for certain times of year and special events, but eliminate it forever!!!!!

YO YO Fitness and YO YO Dieting is not only a waste of time, but extremely dangerous. Its also a dangerous message when Health and Fitness celebrities on social media give the impression that you can “reverse diet”, and get in and out of shape with no “metabolic “ damage, and other promises that I cant even explain because it makes zero sense in the real world.

Real world = stick with what works. Stay away from garbage foods, exercise with as high as effort as you can, and eliminate stress, sleep and rest well, and you wont YO YO Fitness or YO YO Diet because you eliminated all that causes this.

You never add something back in your life that once ruined you. It will ruin you again, and again, and this is the cycle of YO YO Fitness, YO YO dieting, and mental health issues, eating disorders, and other mental health issues people have with their bodies.
Have a healthy relationship with your body, don’t fight with it.

More in the future about this topic

Coach George Tsanis

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