City Life Toronto Canada STRESS

City Life Toronto Canada STRESS
#Stress #Travel

Going home during rush hour in Toronto, Canada. If you don’t get trampled by “humans” cows that have total disregard for your safety and property, you will be stuck in large crowds, unable to move, but that wont stop people from trying to push you around with their sharp rough clothing and bags, no, no, you will also be kicked off buses and trains because of “emergency” issues, mechanical” issues, and other excuses they make up.

Get off and go for a nice relaxing coffee at a café? Wouldn’t that be lovely, but “nice” and “relaxing” cafes don’t really exist in a country that has people walking with food, or worse, eating it on the bus and trains. Besides, who wants to pay $4-6 dollars for a coffee to sit in a crampy, small, loud café, and inside, all that would do is remind you of the torturous public transit in Toronto Canada that you are trying to de-stress and forget.

It would be nice if people all complained to make a better public transportation system, so we can all enjoy our ride free of delays, dangerous people, and people drinking alcohol on the trains and buses (see my previous vide). Maybe people are too busy staring at social media to even notice that we are wasting more time than we should, and investing $ into a system that was designed to fail.

Rant over


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