Blundstone Boots Unboxing and Review

Blundstone Boots Unboxing and Review

First pair of Blundstones ever, which is quite sad after experiencing how comfortable they are. I’m not much of a footwear guy, very simple, but that’s changing as of today.

First day wearing these Blundstone 068 Chisel Toe Dress Black, and thankfully before leaving the house and putting these boots to the test of Canadian weather, I did an unboxing and little review. With winter coming soon, lots of snow, ice, salt, freezing temperatures, this Blundstone boot review going to get very intense and extreme.

Its beautiful how something simple as good, comforting, quality boots and clothing can make you look forward to winter, and I loom forward with putting these Blundstone boots to the test and sharing my experience with you so you can make your decision to buy your own pair and make life more comfortable wherever it takes you 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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