Mackage Jacket – Should I Return or Exchange my Damaged Coat?

Mackage Jacket – Should I return or Exchange my Damaged Coat?
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Only wore my new Mackage jacket 6-7 times as of this video, and already the seams are damaged at various sections of my coat 😦

Have a longer videos with more detailed explanations, but I’m in a hurry, and would like your feedback on whether I should:

!) Return the jacket and exchange for new same jacket (I do love this jacket even though it’s giving me headaches with limited use)

2) Return jacket and buy another jacket (I honestly walked into every store in Toronto before buying this jacket, and nothing caught my eye, I also walked into all the usual Finer men’s clothing stores today, again, nothing really caught my eye)

3) Return the jacket in exchange for gift card equal amount to coat and purchase something from store later. I shop at this store frequently, so they take my money regularly 😊, but this doesn’t solve my small jacket / coat dilemma ☹

4) Just use my wool winter coat for winter and don’t worry about a lighter Fall / Spring jacket till next Spring.

Leaning towards options 1 and 4. I hate jackets and coats, and especially shopping and spending money on jackets and coats. But I found a jacket that’s light, keeps me hot, makes me look and feel great, and Mackage does have a great warranty program where they will fix all Mackage products. 1-4 week wait for repairs though.

I could exchange my damaged jacket for a fresh new one and use the Mackage warranty if my new coat gets damaged in the future. I have a nice fashion coat that I can wear indoors during the winter months, and I will already have a coat for Spring 2020. If I see another jacket that catches my eye before Spring 2020, I’m sure to get it, but this hasn’t happened too many times in my life ☹

Could also return coat, have a “gift card” for equal value of my coat, and use my Boss winter wool jacket all winter. Boring I know, but life is boring in Toronto and trust me, coats and jackets just make this city even more depressing. Its not like I don’t have a serious winter coat, my wool coat is very sexy, keep me warm, feels great, and easy to wear, and durable.
Help me out, what should I do?


Coach George Tsanis

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