All You Can Eat Restaurant Buffet – Temptation Versus Real Food or No Food

All You Can Eat Restaurant Buffet – Temptation Versus Real Food or No Food

Here I am at a local restaurant in Toronto, with an “All you can eat option buffet”. I opt for the buffet not because its all you can eat, I usually eat as much as I want whenever and wherever I eat, but because I have a wide variety of foods to choose from, foods that I allow in my life because they give me health, foods that energize me, help me recover, foods that I love and love me back 😊

I’m posting this video to illustrate and teach a valuable lesson: You either stay away from foods that harm you via making you fat, drain your energy, increasing your inflammation, and other health issues that come along with certain “foods”, or you understand which foods “harm” you and you don’t allow them in your life, ever!

Many will see a food, say a chicken covered in sweet and sour sauce, and add it to their meal because its there, its available, and “lets try it”. You don’t need to try foods covered in sugary sauces. Sugar tastes good, we know this, and any food that has added sugar will have enhanced taste and increase food cravings, especially for people with food addictions and disorders and people that haven’t recognised yet that these foods may not be a good choice for you.

Success leaves clues. Whenever I go to restaurants, either alone or with company, I’m one of the best dressed and in conditioned person in the restaurant. People stare at our plate, and I stare at theirs. They probably think we are “jealous” that we “cant” have what they are having, which is hilarious, and trust me, in my field I’ve heard and seen it all, some people are absolutely convinced people that eat health are “depriving” themselves. As they say, misery loves company. When I witness these plates with sugar laced “foods”, I’m worried for the adults, and feel sorry for the kids that are being brought up incorrectly, on sugar, and these kids may soon have to be caregivers for these adults that were addicted to sugar and fatty foods.

Success leaves clues. In all restaurants, cafes, lounges, and anywhere else I go where people eat and drink, the happiest people usually make the best choices. I mean real happiness, not the fake stuff. Being healthy, in great mood, energized, looking great, feeling great, dressing great, performing great, that’s not an “act”, that’s a lifestyle where the addiction is authentic happiness, and valuing yourself 100%. Doing and eating things that break you down isn’t “depriving” yourself as some claim, quite the opposite, doing and eating things that build you up enhances your quality of life on every level!

Its hard to get value in restaurants in Toronto these days. With rent and leases going up an easy 300%, you notice lots of empty storefronts, and restaurants and cafes that are open dish out very little value.

Wherever you decide to eat, you must first value yourself, take a look at your next plates, and every plate thereafter, and ask yourself, “is the food I’m consuming good for me, or harmful to me”, and that will tell you if you respect yourself, or self harming yourself.

Being respectful to yourself, honoring your God given health, and your goals, and those that depend on you and vice versa, will go a long way into making food choices that will give you a better quality of health and life.

There is no “temptation” when the end results are bad. Real food or no food, just as was intended 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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