Are you Training Hard Enough Triceps Workout Motivation

Are you Training Hard Enough Triceps Workout Motivation
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As a Coach, I can flat out say that most people don’t train hard enough. Not applying enough effort, not enough intensity, not being focused on the task at hand, distracted by people and things when you should be focused on using the tools to make you better. In fact, its common when my clients and I train to be stared at by other gym patrons, and if your focused on us, you’re not focused on YOU!

Hard work is something you apply, you want to have to apply it, you have to want to focus your attention 100% on the exercise, to exert maximum force, to be as safe as possible, and to get the most out of the exercise and workout as possible.

This workout, as I explained in a previous post, link below, I was not in a good mood or energy to workout. I made the necessary adjustments to my workout, and totally revamped my scheduling by doing Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps today instead of my schedules Back and Chest.

It doesn’t matter what you did, what you changed, what matters is that you can always show up, and you can always find something physical to do, and out of resistance wide variety of muscle groups, a wide variety of resistance exercises, cardio exercises, stretching exercises, Yoga exercises, etc, I’m sure you, and your Coach if you have one, can adjust from a blue lazy unmotivated mood to an energized electrified spark that will give you one of the best workouts in a long time, and even ever 😊

Are your workouts hard enough? If not, make the necessary adjustments before you end up wasting your time via time and effort in the gym, and getting stale, unmotivated, and sad that may trigger a cycle of no workouts, binge eating, and other mood and food disorders.

Working out hard requires motivation, energy, effort, and without constant progress, or being stimulated by new exercises, new techniques, being able to adjust workouts and exercises when they need to be. You wont train hard when you don’t see gains. You wont train hard when you are unmotivated to do certain exercises. You wont train hard when adjustments to workouts and scheduling don’t take place. You can’t workout our hard consistently if you keep missing workouts.

The biggest motivator is making progress, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger, learning new exercises, applying yourself and challenging yourself to be and do better. Is this You? Are your workouts hard enough? Are you motivated for more?

If you would like to take your training and lifestyle to the next level contact me😊

Coach George Tsanis

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