High Protein High Fat Baked Chicken Breast, Vegetable Omelette, Avocado

Many times, the habit of cooking more food than less has saved me time, stress, and ensured I have a timely healthy meal. I was kind of hoping for a day off from the kitchen, a long day in the city, a nice meal at a restaurant would have been nice. Walked into, and spent time at many restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets today, but a combination of nothing catching my eye, and a good, healthy meal at a decent “value” $$$$$ is hard to come by, so no “day off” from the healthy lifestyle of taking care of myself 100%, and that includes cooking m own meals 😉
Chicken breast baked last night, thankfully no one finished it, crack some eggs, chop some veggies, fruit, and you got a high powered, high protein, high fat meal that keeps me moving and grooving 😊

– Coach George Tsanis

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