Toronto Canada Most Stunning Christmas Tree Brookfield Place

A beautiful day in Toronto 😊 The weather was a sunny and hot zero degrees, which is “hot” considering just a few days ago we had a snow storm and the city was covered in snow. It was also a perfect time to take a break from the kitchen and go out for a brunch post workout, and this led to having front row seats to watching my favourite Christmas tree in Toronto being finished and complete with ornament sand lights.

The Christmas tree at Brookfield Place in Toronto is a must see. For those that know, a walk through the Brookfield is always interesting if not magical with art displays from local and international artists, floor lighting which is quite popular all over the world, and the glass roof that lets the natural sun and darkness in which enhance the mood of the lights.

The Christmas tree floats in the air, and although it’s a sight to be seen and experienced at anytime of the day, I highly recommend you see this stunning Christmas tree in all its glory in the evening, dark, and get the full flavor of the lights of the trees, the lights in the décor of the Brookfield place, and the lights shining through the glass roof from other buildings in the city.

As we were eating the tree was being finalized, we had a steel frame from the structure of the building block our view, especially mine ☹ but it was fun to take peaks, move around, and make excuses to get up from the table and get a better view even if only a short burst. The draperies were still surrounding the tress as we walked out of the building, but we decided to go back and as we did some of the drapes came undone allowing me to take a nice video and some close-up pictures. This is the “connection” I have with this Christmas tree, it was calling me back, and I just knew the tree was almost “ready” 😊

In the future I will video record and photograph this Christmas tree at night, in the dark, with its breathtaking lights. I hope this post inspires you to experience the amazingly stunning Christmas Tree at Brookfield place, truly my favourite in Toronto, and I’m sure you will love it also 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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