Black Friday Canada

Black Friday Canada
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As I suspected, there were more window shoppers and walkers than spending money shopping. You can see the people just moving quickly, no shopping bags in hand, which is great, getting good exercise walking, and being smart with your money 🙂

I wasn’t shopping, I actual bought what I needed and would have bought it regardless of Black Friday, but as far as “deals”, I didn’t see much “discounts” that I didn’t see in the past few weeks. In other words, in Canada, things are always on “sale” therefore you don’t need to do all your shopping in one weekend buying outdated products for cheap just so manufactures can make money and balance their financial sheets for 2019.

Two of my favorite stores had amazing deals, but since I’m not “sponsored” I will keep this to “those that know” 😉

Black Friday shopping rush? I wouldn’t say the malls, stores, streets were anymore busier than normal, maybe about 10-15% busier if that, but the Christmas season is starting, and the crowd you see in this video, which as taken in the afternoon, will be common everyday until the first week of 2020.

Coach George Tsanis

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