Caught on Camera Crazy Woman Threatening People on Subway Takes out Dentures and Spits on Floor

Caught on Camera Crazy Woman Threatening People on Subway Takes out Dentures and Spits on Floor

I cannot say this is rare in the public transit system of Toronto Canada, ITS NOT UNCOMMON AT ALL!!! This lady began yelling at me when I sat down, then her man friend joined in on the harassment. She was waving her hands and nails towards me and he came awfully close to me and I made it 100% clear that if I’m touch or threatened, I WILL ABSOLUTELY DEFEND MYSELF!!!

I don’t think she got the message, so I put on my video recorder as I suspected she would attack me, or someone else, and in Canada you can easily be accused of anything, especially if you’re a man, so do as we do for the last three decades, take pictures, videos, voice record 😊

Here you can see she took her dentures out, spit all over the floor, and continued her harassing ways towards me and a few other passengers. Two females beside me were verbally attacked, and one of them was about to get up and defend herself, but her boyfriend tried to calm her down. The crazy woman was also yelling at the subway driver, who did absolutely nothing, and I’m sure he can hear the loud woman, and she even hurled something at him, but nope, Toronto Transit Commission, TTC , they don’t have to defend you, not their job, but one has to wonder why they don’t call security?

Toronto is getting to be one crazy city filled with dangerous weirdos. Shit throwers, spatters, drunks, drugs, violence, guns, and taking the public transit is scary enough and stressful enough. Again, I suggest recording it, and if something happens and you need to defend yourself against a violent crazy, you have proof to back yourself up, but even that probably wont help you in this shit hole called Toronto, in Canada.

Thank God we all came home safe and sound

Coach George Tsanis

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