Hello December Health and Fitness Motivation

Hello December Health and fitness Motivation
#December #Fitness #Motivation

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December brings a joyous, happy holidays to all. December is a time that brings us closer together with family, friends, party’s, events, getaways, and with these special occasions, let’s not let ourselves go and mix-up and confuse happiness and pleasure.

This December be mindful to make the best decisions towards health, happiness, and personal growth. Its easy to get caught up in the holiday cheer and consume, and overconsume harmful foods, alcohol, put exercise on “break”, diet on “break”, and join the masses to “enjoy ourselves”, but all this will do is lead to setbacks in health, goals, and many other areas of importance in your life if you overindulge.

To make this December and holiday season more joyous and fulfilling, don’t alter your habits and lifestyles in a way that makes you worse, instead, do everything to make yourself better, and instead of holding back, do MORE of what you love, eat MORE of the foods you enjoy and good for you, exercise and move MORE than usual with using the extra time you have from time off work, you know have no excuse to miss any workouts or physical activity that is normally part of your life. Now, in time of more food, more socializing, isn’t the time to take off from the gym, in fact its more the reason to be MORE active.

More great food that is part of your healthy lifestyle, more invigorating physical exercise that makes you healthier, stronger, more resilient, all while doing more of the things you love and want to experience with loving family and friends is how you enjoy the beautiful month of December. Make yourself better by adding more of what makes you better, and nothing that makes you worse.

For those of you that have the healthy lifestyle perfected, be a great role model, let people witness the mindfulness of making the right choices, right for you, because it’s the real authentic you, its part of you, meaningful, purposeful, and the awareness of doing your best to be your best, be that role model for others and show the power of doing your best to be your best and there is no going back to being “normal” or “worse”.

Good healthy food is better than unhealthy processed foods

Being physically active is better than not being active

Being with people that matter is better than being with people that are not as, or important at all

Being authentic is better than turning into someone else for the Holidays

Your healthy lifestyle that makes you feel and perform your best is better than the toxic lifestyle of excessive unhealthy foods, excess, sugar and alcohol. Recall how horrible and weak you felt by following the typical Western lifestyle, weak, overweight, unmotivated. There are no “breaks” when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. No ON or OFF switch, its either healthy and making you better, or unhealthy and making you worse.

Zero alcohol is better than any alcohol. The dose makes the poison, we all know less is better, and ZERO alcohol is best 😉
Have a fun, safe, productive December

Coach George Tsanis

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