New Gym Fitness Motivation Mind Muscle Connection Thoughts and Wisdom

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New Gym Fitness Motivation Mind Muscle Connection Thoughts and Wisdom

Had to work out in a new gym, with unfamiliar equipment, which means “different” everything. Your weights on different bars, machines, platforms are just that, DIFFERENT, so don’t be a hero and try to duplicate the weights from your main usual fitness facility to a new facility.

Safety first! Many people have to travel and train at various gyms, and as difficult as this is because you don’t know what to expect in terms of equipment, it can be more difficult if you chase weights and poundage’s versus learning how to “feel the weight”.

Yes, I’m talking about mind muscle connection. When you must change your gyms frequently, unless your have experienced the facilities multiple times in the past, you don’t know what to expect. Those 45-pound plates can be 43 pounds, those 25-pound dumbbells can be 29. We all know the quality and feel of different barbells can range from “horrible” to “feels perfect”. In-fact I don’t even allow my clients to use barbells at various gyms around the world because it not only doesn’t “feel right”, but actually causes most to feel aches and pains that negatively effect future workouts at best, and invite injuries in the future at worst.

By being In-tune with your body, you know not only what feels “right”, but also how hard to push yourself when having to use unfamiliar exercise equipment. Its now about the weight and reps, its about safety, productivity, and fun, and when you got that “mind-muscle connection”, you not only derive maximum adaptive gains with each rep, set, exercise, but most importantly you keep yourself far from the potential of injuries.

In the video this is me doing squats. I don’t like the bar, the platform has me uneasy, just the whole gym equipment and set up was obviously designed by someone that doesn’t workout. Knowing how far to push myself and make 100 pounds feel like 200 is how I train my clients and myself. Going full out on equipment you are not familiar with, no experience using, and trying to match your weights from one gym to another is inviting pain and injuries, and these will result in setbacks, not gains.

If your need help with programming, ranging from small changes to a complete change, contact me for which form of consultations is best for you.

I will expand on this topic in the future as I feel in the modern world, travelling, changing gyms, using different facilities is both a blessing and a curse.

Coach George Tsanis

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