Winter Home Workout Snow Shoveling Fitness Motivation Exercise

Winter Home Workout Snow Shoveling Fitness Motivation Exercise
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Winter blessings. One of blessings of winter is snow. Various forms of skiing, snow shoeing, outdoor skating, hockey, snow tubing, tobogganing, and ice fishing are all part of the snow winter fun. I will add the blessings of snow shoveling to that wonderful winter list of fun activities. Am I crazy? Nah, probably just my Canadian blood that brings me so close to snow and shoveling is part of the Canadian culture whether we admit it or not.

Home gyms can be expensive, so thank God for the winter snow that gives us a great opportunity to shoveling the snow and clear the way for safety during our walks and automobiles, and a great excuse to ADD more activity to your winter lifestyle

Unfortunately, many people shy away from snow shoveling, hoping it will just melt away, or someone else will do it. The winter, and holiday season can be a time of less physical activity, more food, less sunlight, less sleep. This is all bad news for your health.

That’s why snow is a blessing in disguise, providing us with a convenient “home gym”, when it can be difficult, if not dangerous to leave the home and travel to gym or any place you need or want to get to. More food, less exercise, bad combination, so when you see snow, be thankful that you can get a decent workout and work the full body, and this will benefit your health, mind, and body, and give you more energy to do more, be more.

In the winter season, if you are shoveling the snow at home, your snow area, and even look for neighbors that may need assistance, the more times you shovel the snow this season, the better physical conditioning you will be in. Think of it as “extra” workouts, “extra” cardio, extra calorie burning, and as shown in the video, a great member of the community by shoveling the snow on side walks to make it easier for people to walk without risk of injury.

Don’t just watch the snow fall to the grown, but move it, shovel it out of the way of safety and danger, and don’t let the winter season slow you down with the new “modern” world of living with digital screens controlling our lives’, instead embrace the cultural traditions of moving snow, and being part of the environment, and in effect, raising your health and fitness levels.

Ever since I was a little kid, meaning as soon as I could stand on my two feet, I always went out and shoveled the snow. I loved the physical labor, the challenge, and I loved helping my parents, and my neighbors. As I got older, I had many neighbors pay me to shovel their snow. While many kids my age were behind screen playing video games or watching TV, I was out shoveling snow and making money. Wow, smart kid, doing a workout and getting paid for it 😉. Things haven’t changed much, I still workout, and sometimes get paid for it, and others still play video games and watch TV, and in effect moving less, and eating more. NOT GOOD.

Hopefully I inspired you to grab the shovel as much as possible, and get more exercise done, move more, and keep your area and surroundings safer for all. If you notice a neighbor needing help with snow, ask if they need help, you don’t need anything in return, the “extra” physical activity provided and rise in your fitness levels, improvement in health is payback enough.

Have a great month of December, a great winter season, and KEEP MOVING 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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