Haircut and Hairstyle Lets Talk About That – Looking Your Best Part One

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Haircut and Hairstyle Lets Talk About That – Looking Your Best Part One
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Part one of my journey from young man to adult in the frightening world of haircuts and hairstyle.

We all look at things through a different lens. When people think “hairstylist” most think haircut. When I think hairstylist, I think “artist”. To me, that’s what a hairstylist is, an artist.

Here I am, just before my haircut, 99 days since my last cut and style from my amazing Stylist June Croken.

I’m all about the BEST. Being and doing my best I can in all areas of life. Many times, this also requires a team of other professionals, that are also best in their field, and this isn’t easy to find, especially when you are putting your trust into other professionals to steer you towards the right path to your best.

I have finally found a hairstylist that will be taking over my hair. June Croken has overseen my hair for the last 3 years. I don’t want professionals to ask me “what I want”, instead, I hire them for their professionalism and expertise to take over my needs and give me the best for me.

Building a rapport with my hairstylist, June Croken, has allowed me to not to stress out over my hair, instead, that’s June’s job, JUST MAKE ME LOOK GREAT! And June does, and it compliments who I am from top to bottom. I just make my appointment, sit, talk, catch up, and leave looking and feeling better than ever, with 100% full confidence in June artistic ability to make me look and feel best that compliments my lifestyle, career, and seasonal variations.

Are you satisfied with your haircut and style? If not, why settle for looking less than best? Don’t accept anything but the best. If not satisfied, do some research and find a hairstylist that can turn your hair into a work of art. You know you have the best hairstylist for you when you look great, feel great, and compliments are the norm, and you don’t need to worry about your hair, leave the worrying and stressing to your hair professional, you should focus on being your living your best.

I would never let anyone else, but June Croken touch my hair. I hope you have someone your fully 100% trust with your hair as well, if not, you know what to do, don’t settle for less!!!

Coach George Tsanis