Caught on Camera Photobomb While Making Food Vlog at the Beach

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Caught on Camera Photobomb While Making Food Vlog at the Beach
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Photobomb and videobombed, happens to me quite often. I prefer public places, and I guess that invites lots of curious people that will stop, stare, ask, interrupt, and anything I filmed before that becomes a waste because even if I could carry-on, which most times I cant because I lose my train of thought from the “rude” photo-bombers, I also don’t spend much time on editing because for one I don’t know how to edit, and two, I’m a Strength and Conditioning Coach, if I have to spend more than a few minutes editing a video or writing a vlog, then I would rather put that time into training an extra client and making money for my time instead of making social media content no one ever watches hahaha

Here I am during a lovely day at the beach, trying hard to make a vlog about food and lifestyle habits, but was interrupted many times, and as the years before when I was interrupted, I would delete the video and start again. Now I don’t delete anything, but still stop and start over.

Why am I posting this photo-bomb vlog when its both incomplete and not the finished product? One main reason is a promise I made to myself. In the future I will explain more about why I’m posting the photo-bomb version of this vlog rather than the complete finished version, but for now, lets just say it has to do with goals I set for myself in the month of December 2019, and the day is almost over, and certain tasks need to be completed everyday NO MATTER WHAT.

Perfection is never attainable, and interruptions and distractions are a part of life, striving to find ways to make the best of every situation, as opposed to letting external factors ruin your goals and tasks is the “perfect” way to live. What is, is, just make sure to make the best choices.

Coach George Tsanis

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