Mindful Eating Making Better Food Choices When Dining Out

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Mindful Eating Making Better Food Choices When Dining Out
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Good, better, and best. People hear me say this all the time. KNOWING what good, better, and best choices are will help guard you against making the WORST choices.

Can I safely say that people, in this day and age, should know that processed foods, fried foods, sugary foods, alcohol, just to name a few food choices that are not only eaten, but abused, are not good for our health? Or are we not there yet?

Being mindful about making the best food choices for your current health state, current situation, environment, will keep you aligned towards your health goals. Making the best choices now means you don’t allow bad food decisions to take you back, and regress your health, regress your fitness state. Being true to yourself, and respecting your health, means that making the best food and health choices wherever you may be, is making you better, and not worse.

Coach George Tsanis

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