Healthy Holiday Eating 2019

Healthy Holiday Eating 2019
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Healthy eating isn’t a “thing”, it’s a lifestyle, a lifestyle based on who you are, and your overall goals. Dieting and eating aren’t based on holidays or seasons.

In this video I help you with being more mindful of your food choices, good, better, best, and the worst, which is to be avoided unless you want to harm yourself and ruin your fitness state.

Healthy holiday eating – Nothing changes during the Christmas and New Year Holiday Season. Still active, still eating real foods, BUT MORE OF BOTH 😊 !!!! With time off work, more time to enjoy yourself with family, friends, passions, and interests, this isn’t the time to stop being physically active or start eating foods that will regress your health and fitness conditioning that you worked so hard for. More good food than usual, more physical activity than usual, more social time than usual, and more rest than usual. In other words, the holiday season is about having MORE of everything that matters.

Don’t allow nasty foods into your diet that destroy your health, ruin your fitness gains, instead, be the coolest guy in the room, be the role model, eat REAL FOOD, and lots of it. Make it a “recovery” Holiday season from your fitness and physical activity program with all that healthy nutritious foods, that will aid in energy and recovery, enhancing your health and fitness state, NOT allowing DESTRUCTIVE physical inactivity combines with alcohol and unhealthy “food” that will basically “waste” your health and all you worked for in the gym and sporting arena.

Always make yourself BETTER, never worse. More of the good stuff, more healthy foods, more and exercise and movement, more socializing with people that matter.

Have a safe and fun Holiday Season 2019

Coach George Tsanis

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