Mindful Living – Health and Happiness- Let’s Talk About That

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Mindful Living – Health and Happiness- Let’s Talk About That
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If you could watch yourself, your every thought, feeling, and behavior, would you be convinced that you 1) Live authentically, and 2) Love yourself? As a Coach, its my strong opinion that people are neither living authentically nor loving themselves. How else can I come up with such conclusions when many people are spending hours daily, addicted to a fake online digital world, and comparing themselves with other “fake” health, fitness, lifestyle “experts, not to mention marketing campaigns manipulating and telling us how to live, which is usually based on processed foods, alcohol consumption, and inactively watching a screen for “entertainment” all while real life is passing by. This is not “living” as God intended, nor is it self love, its more like self destruction. This is creating a health epidemic where depression, obesity, and drug addiction are alarming increasing. And the cycle of breaking free from the evil manipulation of the “modern world” is proving to be more difficult than freeing yourself from any other major addiction such as gambling, smoking, drinking.

In this video I ask if you are becoming your better self, or just becoming worse? With summer of 2019 just ending, the main question was “did you end the summer better than when it began”. My observation is most people gave up on being authentic, gave up on taking care of themselves, self nurturing, self love, and in effect, destroying all the past effort they put into their health and fitness journey and regressed, became their worst self.

Break free from the ride of gaining fitness, losing fitness, losing fat, gaining fat. This is what I call “Yo Yo Fitness”, and what everyone knows as yo yo dieting, which is very dangerous. Break free from manipulative marketing, social media experts that encourage bad lifestyle choices that will lead you to at best just wasted time, but at worst, major health issues.

By living authentically, knowing what matters, what needs to be done, what needs to be eliminated permanently, self love, taking care of yourself, you will break free of the “trap” of self sabotage by being manipulated by misinformation and downright lies that were designed to not only keep you at your worse, but make you worse and worse.

Enjoy the video. I believe you will look at your life habits differently after watching this video and be inspired to make the necessary changes to become not only better, but your best ever!

Coach George Tsanis

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