Home Baked Walnut Blueberry Muffins

Home Baked Walnut Blueberry Muffins
#Baking #Blueberry #Family

I’m showing this for different reasons, more about love, family, and gratitude than baking and nutrition.
My aunt called last night saying she wants to come over for a short visit. Short means no time for a real breakfast, but a coffee and a home baked sweet YES 🙂
We had fresh chopped walnuts because of another dessert planned today, we didn’t have as much blueberries in the house, just one pack, and the rest of ingredients is flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, and 1/2 cup sugar.

We usually go sugar-less, but its not for US, and many people wont eat it if it doesn’t have a touch of sweetness. 1/2 cup for 18 muffins isn’t bad.
Its not about the nutrition, its about getting together, face to face, and loving and caring in person. The icing on the cake here is fresh home-baked muffins that will go along beautifully with the face to face interaction, where in today’s world people don’t cook or bake much, and usually its junk food, and also people don’t get-together as much, so special 🙂

Have a beautiful day

Coach George Tsanis

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