Real Food or NO Food – Street Food Edition #Foodie #christmas #Health

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Real Food or NO Food – Street Food Edition
#Streetfood #Toronto #Diet

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If you live in Toronto Canada, or most North American cities, you know the street food is horrible dangerous junk. Healthy foods, meals and snacks, is hard to come by, if it comes at all! Toronto city hall is notorious for its junk food with selection in hot dogs, poutine, donuts, candied ice cream. Nothing you would feed to anyone you loved, so I know your too smart to eat that processed junk food 😉

I was pleasantly surprised today to see a healthy alternative to the usual junk food that is forced upon us throughout the city, and especially at seasonal hot spots like the Toronto City Hall skating rink, where thousands of people come here each day for Christmas festivities and winter fun.

Healthy food shouldn’t be hard to find, but in Toronto it certainly is. Found a nice food outlet right beside the ice rink, and they sell a variety of different olives, sundried tomatoes, a variety cooked beans, and if you have a sweet tooth they have lots of middle eastern sweets that will open you up to a whole new world where traditional desserts have stood the test of time and not as bad for us as the high fructose corn syrup “desserts” of todays modern world that also contain only God knows what.

Real food or no food, street food edition focuses on where you can eat when on the road. Stay tuned for more episodes.

Coach George Tsanis

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