Perfect Gift for Someone you Love #Christmas #Giftideas #Holidays

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Perfect Gift for Someone you Love
#Christmas #Giftideas #Holidays

Buying a gift can be stressful and confusing. Especially in today’s world where most items in our small gift idea price range offering little value and not that healthy.

My gift giving criteria is that it must be both valuable and healthy, otherwise why give it? You wouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on a gift that isn’t both valuable and healthy to someone would you? Of course not 😉

This year the Art gallery of Ontario came out with Annual Passes, a membership that allows you to visit the art gallery whenever 365 days of the year. $35 pass gets you inside the Ontario Art gallery whenever you want and have time, and trust me, once you visit the galleries, you will love the exhibits and keep coming back. Honestly, it’s the best $35 I can see someone spending on a gift this Christmas season, and anytime you want to share a gift. Don’t even need a reason other than you simply love someone to get them this yearly pass to the Art Gallery of Ontario, just get it 😉

I highly recommend people visit art galleries, museums, and anything that will help them relax, rejuvenate, and take their mind and body away from the normal stress of life. This simple lifestyle changes of taking yourself from “stress” and “tension” to “relaxing” and “observing’ has made a huge difference in peoples stress levels, happiness, recovery from exercise, and overall health.

Hope this made your gift buying much easier

Happy Holidays

Coach George Tsanis

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