Toronto Christmas Market 2019 #Canada #Christmas #Market

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Toronto Christmas Market 2019
#Toronto #Christmas #Market

Since no one will see this video, I will keep this short. I was hoping to showcase the Toronto Christmas Market, The Distillery District, and talk about food choices when at the Christmas market.
I got a longer than anticipated and planned video, which was great, but realized my microphone wasn’t plugged in for most of the video, therefore lots of Travel, historical, exercise, and food talk is lost forever.
I decided to upload the long video anyways, hoping people will be inspired to get out of the house more in the future, and add some good fitness and food to their lifestyle. Then Google was being hard on me, not allowing me to upload my longer video. I tried 3 times, which is about 4 hours. I thought Youtube is wasting my life, so I will post the videos in chunks.

Nothing is ever perfect. When I face resistance, I try harder. I don’t give up when there is a good reason not to. My goal is to inspire people to get out of the house more, move more, be more active, eat better, and even with no sound, I’m sure this video can do what I had it intended to do 😊

Have a beautiful day

Coach George Tsanis

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