Eccentric Chest Training – How to do Negative Bench Press #fitness #SaturdayMotivation #healthy

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Eccentric Chest Training – How to do Negative Bench Press
#Chest #Benchpress #Eccentrictraining

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I see a variety of ways to do eccentric training in the gyms and online, but many are too time consuming, inconvenient, and injuries chance of injuries. All these downsides make eccentric training “unacceptable” in most training programs

Chains solve that problem. Easy on, easy off. Can easily attach all weight on one chain slider. Every gym is unique, and in this particular gym I dont have the amount of chains I need, otherwise the majority of the eccentric weight would be from the chains, and not on the bar.

Meaning I can use the bar, which weights 20 kilos, and the rest of the weight in chains. Once I lower the bar eccentrically, I can slide the weighted chains off the bar, lift the bar back to the hook on cage, and lift and slide the weighted chains back on, and continue to my next rep.

Experiment, have fun, play around, but for eccentrics I have found a long time ago, chains make it both easier and funner, and therefore you will do it more often, which results in serious strength and muscle hypertrophy gains.

Coach George Tsanis

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