Fitness Goals 2020 – What it REALLY Takes to Become the Best Version of Yourself

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Fitness and Health Goals 2020 – What to Consider and What it REALLY Takes to Become the Best Version of Yourself
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In this video I discuss what to consider when designing and implementing your fitness and health program. Stop wasting time following someone else’s program and lifestyle and start creating a fitness program and health lifestyle that works for you. We are all unique in lifestyle, goals, and capabilities, therefore the fitness lifestyle that will best work for You is the unique program designed by you for you. This video will be of great help into what to consider in your fitness program, strategies to maximize results, and problem solving. If you require assistance in developing a healthy lifestyle that’s personalized to your every need, send me a message and will help you get you started on the road to #BESTEVER

Happy New Year

Coach George Tsanis

Change is Good – Exercise Variety Keeps Workouts Fun, Exciting, and Productive

You won’t continue to do something unless its fun, safe, and productive. Remember when you were a kid playing at the playground? Having fun exploring, imagining, fantasizing, running free, getting stronger, new ways to use the rings, the mazes, swings, monkey bars, sandbox, climbing, sliding.

As kids we always looked forward to playing at the playground, playing, learning, becoming stronger, more coordinated, more flexible, and building whole body toughness. This is how I treat the fitness centres I train and work at, and how I teach those I train and consult with the use the gym as well.

When you can master the art of making the fitness centre, gym, your recreational sports and physical hobbies as your “playground”, you will have achieved the mastery of being able to explore, experiment, try new things, learn, and being more in control of mind and body as you use the “tools” the same way we did when we were kids playing freely in the playground.

This is how I treat my own personal workouts and in my business practice with my clients. Its essential for long term success to make the physical activity FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE, and to do that you need to learn how to “play” again, explore, experiment, question. By learning how to make your physical fitness program “playful” again, you will look forward to each workout with renewed motivation and enthusiasm. That’s what keeps you coming back. That’s what makes you better. Fun, safe, and productive.

Some tips:

• Try new exercises
• New techniques
• New stretches
• A new gym / facility
• A new trainer
• Visualize, imagine, and fantasize about new exercises. If you can imagine it, you can try it 😊
• Open your mind to being more creative with old exercises
• Read a new up to date fitness book.
• Listen to your body
• Observe what hasn’t been changed in a while or ever and change it
• What don’t you like? Get rid of it and replace it with something you “like”

• Challenge yourself daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Set goals. Don’t just go to the gym, have a real purpose and meaning behind it, something powerful. Without a “real” reason, purpose, goals, you are not inspired to exercise harder, learn the mastery of playing in the gym. Admit your real reason for being in the gym and make yourself better by setting goals and challenging yourself. As a side note, I don’t train or consult with people that don’t have real meaningful goals. People with a real reason for participating in physical activity will make the best progress in and out of the gym, and my time, and yours is too valuable not to have a “real” reason to become stronger and more physically capable to do all the things you want and love. There, I just gave you a reason 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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