Real Food At St Lawrence Market Toronto Canada

Real Street Food At St Lawrence Market Toronto Canada
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Voted as one of the best food markets in the world, and somewhere I send all tourists and where i spend much of my shopping time for over 2 decades now, the St Lawrence Market has something for everyone.

This video is for those that eat healthy foods, and also demand healthy foods when eating out, dining out, and of course shopping for great fresh high quality food for home.

If you live in Toronto Canada, or most North American cities, you know the street food is horrible dangerous junk. Healthy foods, meals and snacks, is hard to come by, if it comes at all! Toronto is notorious for its junk food with selection in hot dogs, poutine, donuts, candied ice cream, and other unhealthy processed foods. Nothing you would feed to anyone you loved, so I know your too smart to eat that processed junk food 😉

Real food or no food, street food edition focuses on where you can eat when on the road. Stay tuned for more episodes.

Coach George Tsanis

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