It Was a Very Good Year That Could Have Been Worse – You are What You Allow – Happy New Year

It Was a Very Good Year That Could Have Been Worse – You are What You Allow – Happy New Year
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I hope everyone had a great 2019 and wish you all the best in 2020. In this video I discuss that I did all I could to make my 2019, my life, and all things important to me the best I could, If I had the control to do that. I also discuss that I had many bad, unfortunate circumstances come my way in 2019, bad enough to put the brakes on my happiness, my progress, and not just put my “life” on hold, but major regression would occur if I let it.

You are what you allow. 2019 was a great year because I learned that I have to power to allow what I want and need in my life, living with purpose, meaning, passion, joy, and opposite to that, I realize that life is never perfect and many hard bumps and unforeseeable circumstances will arise that are totally out of my control, BUT My happiness, joy, meaning, purpose, and everything I love and live for is in my control, and I always have the option to turn to something positive, something that brings me happiness, joy, growth no matter what negative circumstances may come my way.

You are what you allow. Audit your life, find out what you want, need, and no longer want, will no longer accept in your life. For some reason, humans allow so much in their life that hurts them in many ways, such as wasting time online, horrible lifestyle and dietary choices to name a few. No matter how “good” we are “most” of the time, its those times when difficult situations must be dealt with when we turn to “masking” our suffering, but these “masking” agents don’t “help” us at all, they can be just as bad if not worse then the “difficult” and “unfortunately” situation that brought us to the “masking” agents.

You are what you allow. Don’t allow anything in your life to take you away from who you are, what you want, and where your going. Do everything to become your best, and nothing to make you worse.

Stay tuned to future vlogs where I go into detail about the lifestyle habit changes I made in 2019 that made me a better, happier, more powerful, joyful person.

Happy New Year

Coach George Tsanis

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