Happy New Year – Create Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Work For You

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Happy New Year – Create Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Work For You
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A quick discussion on learning from past mistakes and failures when it comes to lifestyle choices, exercises, habits, foods, etc.

Being aware of what you are doing will allow you to confirm in the future whether what you are doing and allowing is making you better, or worse, and make the necessary changes from there.

Knowing why you are doing an exercise or workout program , why you eat certain and follow a specific diet, why you need a certain amount of rest, recovery, sleep to be able to perform optimally in your personal and professional life are some of the topics discussed in this video.

Trial and error is worthless if you don’t learn from your failures and successes, and you can only learn from success and failures by being mindful, aware, and documenting what your doing, so in the future you know what “worked” and what didn’t.

By documenting your actions, the more you know about yourself, the more you can make improvements month to month, year to year. Life is a learning experience. Learn what works for YOU.

Happy New Year, all the best in 2020

Coach George Tsanis

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