Social Media What Are You Watching – Is Watching People Workout A “THING”?

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Social Media What Are You Watching – Is Watching People Workout A “THING”?

Is watching people exercise and workout a “thing”? Must you watch endless social media posts of other people exercising and working out? How many videos and pictures have you dedicated your time and energy into watching other people workout, exercise, and other meaningless things people post online? How much time did you waste today watching other people on social media? How much time a week? A month? How much time have you wasted watching other people on social media in the last several years?

This new “thing” of having to follow, watch, like, comment on other people’s social media is nothing short of wasting your life, with absolutely minimal to zero benefit of doing so. Focusing on others means you have taken the focus off yourself. Watching other people on social media means you have stopped your “life” to watch someone else’s. This means less, or no time to workout, stretch, cook, spend more time doing what you need to and want to. Since when did it become “normal” to watch other people and what they are doing behind a screen? When did it become “acceptable” to dedicate so much of your time and energy into other people behind a screen?

This “thing” of watching others on social media must come to and end so you can focus more on yourself. Don’t give your time and energy to anything that steals your time and energy. All those endless videos you watched of people doing squats, deadlifts, yoga poses, and other things people post online to get you addicted to watching them so they can sell you stuff was all time you took away from your life, your goals, your progress, that you will never ever get back!

Social media, what are you watching? Hopefully watching nothing on social media that doesn’t steal your time and energy and take you away from who you are and what you should be doing. If these people that post content online really cared about you, they would tell you to stop watching them, focus on your life, and become the best you can. You can’t become your best when you are unfocused, concentrating on many other people, have your time and energy stolen. Watch yourself 😉

Coach George Tsanis

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