Talking at the Gym – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

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Talking at the Gym – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That
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“Is Watching People Workout A “THING”?” – If you missed my video that would also help motivate you to NOT waste valuable workout time

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Why would anyone want to waste their time talking in the gym? Its quite common, people not only talking excessively between sets of weight training or during cardio at the gym, but even talking to others while watching them workout. Then of course these people will convince themselves they “worked out”, all because they were at the gym. The more you convince yourself of what isn’t productive, the longer it will take you to see any results from your “time in the gym”.

Talking is healthy. Socializing, interacting, laughing, learning, bonding. But a workout session isn’t the ideal time to start a long conversation that interrupts your ability to perform and focus on your planned exercises. You do have a “planned” workout right? I’ll talk about this in another video, but needless to say, if people really did have a “planned” workout, which they should, they wouldn’t be talking to people in the gym, or that “thing” of watching other people exercise, they would be doing what they came to the gym to do, WORKOUT / EXERCISE!!!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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