Leg Day is Fun Day – Box Squat with Safety Bar, Bands, Chains

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Leg Day is Fun Day – Box Squat with Safety Bar, Bands, Chains
#Squat #Legday #Havingfun

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Fun, safe, and productive is my recipe for success. I must have all three. If its not safe, no matter how “fun” and “productive” exercise is, I will lose all those gains when I eventually get injured, or worse, repeatedly injured. If its not productive, meaning making progress in fitness goals, then there is no reason to be in the gym unless your one of those people that have convinced yourself that going to the gym is “working out, “Healthy”, and your “in-shape”, when in fact your just wasting your time. The FUN part is where “playing”, which is working out, and making fitness gains, and experimenting with new ways to spur new fitness gains, is the process of “enjoyment”.

Are you “enjoying” your workouts, or just going to the gym mindlessly doing exercises and routines that make no sense therefore no goals and have left you drained and uninspired?

If you need assistance with making your workouts FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE, contact me 🙂

Coach George Tsanis

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