Holidays Are Over Back in the Gym

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Holidays Are Over Back in the Gym
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Most people start back on their fitness exercise program today or this week. Please be mindful and careful not to push too hard if you took some time off the gym. January is the time most people go back to the exercise program they intentionally stopped before the Holidays, its also a time people begin an exercise program to coincide with new years resolutions. From where I stand, its common for people to be maybe a little too motivated, and do things they are not prepared to do, and this can lead to excessive soreness at best, and a mild to extreme injury at worse, both will keep you out of the gym rather than in it. Again, start slow, just go through the motions with a comfortable resistance, pace, range of motion, and you will progress from here.

At Workout Solutions we don’t interrupt our healthy lifestyle and exercise routine by holidays, calendars, and whatever cultural distractions are created to take us away from being ourselves, being our best, and doing what we love. If you’re going to change anything in your life, make sure it makes you better, not worse! If you take time off exercise, make sure it’s a much deserved “rest” and you come back stronger and more conditioned. Anything else is unacceptable.

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