Do You Like my Content, Yes or No? No Views, No Likes, Fake Subscribers, I’m Quitting YouTube 😊

Do You Like my Content, Yes or No? No Views, No Likes, Fake Subscribers, I’m Quitting YouTube 😊

Supposedly I have 296 subscribers at the time of this posting. Unfortunately, many of my videos are getting low to NO views!!!!! YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest has me on Shadow ban, making my posts and comments invisible and that’s cool, its their platform.

Instead of wasting my beautiful life trying to help others when social media wont let me, its best I put my time and energy where I CAN make something happen, instead of on social media, where it WON’T let me make things happen, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much time I invest, when your invisible and cant be seen, that’s just it, YOUR INVISIBLE AND WONT BE SEEN!!!

Those 296 subscribers? Most are just bots. My posts, my comments, my everything is mostly invisible. I’ve had people look for me, can’t find me. Send clients links, they don’t work. People looking for my Workout Solutions Profile right in front of my eyes on their mobile device…NOPE, CAN’T FIND ME. I DON’T EXIST ON YOUTUBE and many other platforms, why I don’t know ☹

I have no desire to fight something I can’t win. Helping people when you can and want to is a beautiful thing, but the world has changed, and helping people and kindness seems to be a thing of the past and not of this world. Censoring me seems so evil, because it is.

Unless I’m seen, and know people can see me and like my content, comment, I’m doing something that is basically worthless online , and can help and do my thing where I’m more in control, such as in real life, face to face where I don’t have a social media platform hiding my amazing content.

If this post ever ever gets 100 views, I may consider posting again so I can help, inspire, motivate others to a better lifestyle, until then, its not worth wasting my beautiful God given life.

Enjoy yourself 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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