Snow Day is Fun Day

Snow Day is Fun Day
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Snow day means more time for all that you need, want, love to do. Because of the weather some activities in your daily schedule and ritual may need to be modified. It is not a “day off”, or a “lazy day”, snow days can be doing more of something you can do now, at the expense of something you can’t do now. That “more” can be more time to cook, more time for home exercise that can include Yoga, stretching, calisthenics, band exercises. Snow days also give you more time to relax, recovery, rejuvenate, as opposed to your usual hectic busy days, today can be more “relaxed’ and recharge your mind and body. Closing your digital device and cuddling with a good book will do wonders to clear your mind. Invite people over and get some much-needed face to face social time. Snow days can also take you outside and enjoy the real winter weather as opposed to watching it through a window. Skiing, snow walking, photography, site seeing, and other winter activities will be a refreshing change from the usual. A trip to the museums, art galleries, winter festivals will give you a snow day you wont soon forget.

What “snow day” is not: Truth is, I was inspired to do this video because of what I was witnessing all week was both shocking and disappointing. This snowstorm warning has been in the news all week, and people have been “planning” the snow day with nothing but bad intentions, pleasure in mind, and not happiness and joy. It was as if I witnessed people losing control of themselves to waste their life, harm their health, and forget what’s important.
What snow day is not. Its not a day to waste behind a digital screen socializing and watching others. If you can’t talk to people face to face, especially when living in the same city, then maybe you need to ditch your cyber friends and get some real friends.

Snow day is not a “rest day” if you can’t make it to the gym. If it’s a schedule exercise day then you have your contingency home workout plan. As sated above, yoga, stretching, calisthenics, and band exercises can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Invite a friend, do it together 😉

Snow day is not a cheat on diet day. Stocking up on junk processed foods, alcohol, and other “foods” not allowed into a healthy diet and lifestyle is not going to make your snow day, or future any brighter. Stick to the foods that really make you feel and become better. The amount of junk processed foods I seen people buy all week with anticipation of this snow day tells me that people are not only NOT being true to themselves about their health and fitness goals, but also haven’t recovered from the Holiday season and still craving processed foods because once you start its hard to stop. You are what you allow. Garbage in, garbage out. Keep the garbage out 😊

Have a beautiful snow day

Coach George Tsanis

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