Real Cardio Weighted Push Ups 100 Reps #FitnessMotivation #health

Real Cardio Weighted Push Ups 100 Reps
#FitnessMotivation #Pushups #bodyweight

210 pounds bodyweight, + 60 pounds of uncomfortable chain around my neck, 100 repetitions in 8:40 minutes. Real Cardio 😉

Knowing why you’re in the gym, the “outcome’, will dictate what you need to do to attain that outcome. This is a major reason why you don’t see a high success rate of “gains” and “progress”. Most people don’t even know why they’re in the gym! They say they know, but if they did, why do they do exercises and workouts that have very little to do with the “outcome” they desire? The other major reason why you see very little “gains” and “progress” is that even if people “know why” they are in the gym, their gaols, their outcomes, most, and I mean about 90% of people in the gym, most people will not work hard enough for that “outcome”.

Real solid wants, needs, and goals will always have you working towards them, doing all you can to achieve. And finally, another reason why you see very little “gains” and “progress” in the gym is because people don’t have REAL GOALS!!!!! When you have a real goal, you set out a path to achieve that goal. In fitness, everything you do in your life, inside and outside the gym will have either a positive or negative effect on your current and future fitness levels.
So once you have decided on your fitness goals, then that will tell you what exercises are best, how to structure those exercises into workouts, and from here you will determine the minimal and maximal intensity threshold needed to make “gains” and “progress” to achieve the “outcome” you want.

This is why I am very selective of who I work with. I don’t want no one wasting their and my time with “fake” goals” because once they tell me their goals and I tell them the best path to take, some people, ok ok, most people, will choose the path of least resistance and choose “easier” exercises, and make excuses as to why they don’t, or “cant” workout hard enough. People I work with pay me for results, not babysitting. They trust me to guide through the safest, most enjoyable productive way towards their goals. If I had to wake up in the morning and here excuses all day and be a “yes man” and do as they clients say just to put food on my table I would have left the Personal Training business in one week maximum. Instead, I wake up and work with, consult with the hardest working people on the planet, both professionally and personally. People with REAL goals work HARD to not only achieve today’s goals but evolve as individuals and set new goals and ambitions and are constantly becoming better and best ever. They will do whatever it takes, NO EXCUSES!!!! Your either getting “better” or “worse”, there is no in-betweens.

Do you know your REAL GOALS? Do you know how to achieve them? Take a look at your progress through the last year. Are you making progress? If yes, how much progress? If not, you are doing something to inhibit progress. Find out what is inhibiting your rate of progress and make the necessary adjustments. No “progress” means not achieving your “outcome”, and no outcome means your wasting your time and energy in the gym for something that will never some.

As you can see in the video, I’m training hard, but actually I’m not. I am working out according to my mood and energy levels and making the necessary changes so that I can still make inroads to my intended “outcome” both in today’s workout and long-term progress. This was an “easy” workout. There were harder exercises done before the push ups, and exercises done after this set. All roads lead to Rome? Not with the improper tools and lack of hard work you will never arrive in Rome, no matter what you try to convince yourself. As you can see in this video, I got lots of tools in my toolbox, and today because of mood, energy, time, and other variables, I had to choose a different tool today, a different exercise method, that still allows me to progress towards my goal(s), outcomes, and get something out of my workout. If I can’t get any progress out of my workout, why do the workout?

I hope this inspired you to take a very hard and serious look at your exercise program. Most people don’t know why they are in the gym, and most people don’t train hard enough to achieve any measurable progress, which is why you really see “progress”, and that’s a shame.

If you require assistance with setting up a fitness program that “works”, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Coach George Tsanis

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