One Year Ago, Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying at University of Toronto Goldring Centre #Canada

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One Year Ago, Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying at University of Toronto Goldring Centre
#Canada #discrimination #Goldringcentre

One year ago, at The University of Toronto Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, I was the victim of discrimination, and witnessed employees being bullied and harassed. Sunday January 27, 2019 is a morning and a day I will never ever forget. Management aggressively reprimanding employees right in front of me and in public for talking to me (can you imagine how bad the employees must be treated behind closed doors?). Management being aware of the incident the very next day but did not apologize to me or give explanation as to what happened. Basically, hiding the fact that a manager, which I assume was intoxicated / drugs, bullied and harassed two employees that almost left them in tears, and a customer being discriminated against right to their face! It was not the first or last incident at Goldring Centre. Staff that stalks you while working out, stalks your personal websites, staff that stare at you in an aggressive and confrontational manner, and management that don’t respond to emails when you write multiple complaints. In fact, many managers and staff walk right past members / customers without even being acknowledged, no “hello”, just ignore you as they do with your email complaints. You and your complaints don’t exist here, and your told that this facility was built for student athletes, and if community members don’t like it, they are welcomes to leave and find a more suitable facility. This is what I was told after complaining about being discriminated against, having a Strength and Conditioning Coach stare at me during my workouts (not very comfortable when you have “coaches” staring you down in a confrontational tone, and other staff watching so they can write you up in a book where they create a “file” on members). Personal trainers that don’t put their equipment back, don’t start or finish at the 60-minute mark, check their phones frequently when clients are turned the other way. Many times, equipment and sections of the gym are reserved for the athletes, therefore when you come to the gym you may not have access to equipment / area that you had planned. Closed for long periods during holidays. For example, this past holiday season of 2019, the Goldring Centre was closed from December 21 to January 3, 2020. If a fitness facility is closed for 11 days straight, they probably have very little respect for your health and fitness goals. Last year they cut staff hours from 9 to 11 pm, leaving one red shirt Strength Supervisor to tidy up the gym at closing and ensure everyone leaves gym safely. Anyone that has been at Goldring at 9-10 pm knows its very busy and leaving one person to tidy up the gym is too much work, and disrespectful. Because I would be their most night till closing, I would help staff tidy up the gym top to bottom. Most staff aren’t knowledgeable, experienced, or kind enough to help members out (I still shake my head at some of the exercises and training advice I seen and heard). Much like the managerial staff, not knowledgeable, experienced, or kind enough to deal with real issues, especially illegal issues such as discrimination, harassment, and bullying to members and staff. It’s a shame what is going on inside this facility. It’s a shame that in this day and age, in Canada no less, not only does discrimination, harassment, and bullying happen, but when victims complain, they are simply told to go somewhere else where it’s a better fit. That’s what I suggest, find a fitness facility that is more “suitable” for you, preferably somewhere staff and customers are respected, and managers don’t tell staff not talk to you, management that doesnt ignore you, especially when you are discriminated against and harassed, and a facility that isn’t closed for long periods of time that will cause a regression in fitness levels. Walking away and hiding abuse does our world no good. I’m confident that these abusive perpetrators and those that did their best to hide these incidents will be brought to justice. 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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