Intense Biceps Workout

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Intense Biceps Workout
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Are You Training Hard Enough? TRAIN HARDER!!!!!!

If it Doesn’t Challenge You, it Doesn’t Change You

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Do you challenge yourself in the gym by doing, or at least try to do more repetitions, more weights, a more advanced variation of an exercise in your program? As a Coach that spends many hours in the gym for the past decades, and reviews training programs for a living, I can flat out say 90%+ of the people in the gym are not challenging themselves hard enough, and to make things worse, so many program variables such a exercise selection, reps, sets, rest periods are so unaligned with the fitness goals that it makes the whole “program” ineffective. WASTE OF TIME!

Stop wasting your valuable time in the gym and start challenging yourself, with the proper exercises, at the proper weight, sets, reps, rest periods, and the appropriate use of variation to enhance not only fitness gains, but also enhance recovery and adapt to mood states that will determine how hard to push yourself, on which exercises, and also when to back off and let the body adapt to the imposed challenges.

You won’t adapt, become better without challenging yourself. Success leaves clues. The hardest and smartest training people in the gym are also the most conditioned, leanest, strongest, and injury free. They become in this state by pushing hard on exercises that matter at loads that elicit a training response. In other words, they don’t waste time in the gym!

Which side are you on? The side that just shows up at the gym with no rhyme or reason as to why you are doing a particular exercises, at a set weight, for a certain amount of repetitions, for a set amount of “workout” time, BUT NO GAINS???!!!! Or are you part of the small minority of people in the gym that knows why they are doing a specific exercise, know which weights to use and why, know how long to rest between sets and exercises, and know how long to train in accordance with their specific fitness and health goals?

Don’t watch others in the gym while your doing endless “work” wishing you could “look” like them, lean, hard, ripped, strong, and flexible. If your watching others you’re not focused on yourself. Watching other people challenging themselves in the gym with effective exercises the gym or on social media while you are not making gains isn’t a “program”, it’s a WASTE OF TIME.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO BECOME YOUR BEST SELF! If you require assistance with setting up an exercise program that constantly challenges yourself to become better and BEST EVER, contact me

Have a safe, productive, fun workout

Coach Tsanis

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