First Set of Incline Bench Press in 13 Years #fitness #health

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First Set of Incline Bench Press in 13 Years
#Benchpress #Chest #Trynewthings

I’m not big on bench pressing, flat, decline, or incline. Personally its never been an exercise that has done much for me, and actually stopped including it in my program in 2007. Professionally, I excluded the barbell bench presses probably 5 years early, 2002 ish.

2019-08-16 10.06.59 was the date, weak as a kitten, stressed out, aches and pains from inflammation, and in a gym I haven’t been to in years, and didn’t think anyone would notice if I slipped in a set of barbell benches. After the warm up sets even I didn’t believe it, so I recorded it just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Don’t get attached to “likes” and “dislikes” when it comes to exercises in the gym. Get attached to RESULTS that bring you closer to your goals, and often times that means doping things we dislike.

Coach George Tsanis

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