Whatever Your Goals are, Don’t let Nothing Stand in Your Way!!!! #Motivation #Life #Goals

Why are Social Media Platforms YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress Hiding my Content?

It is extremely frustrating when you have the power to help people and choose to use that power by posting great content on social media platforms, yet you are powerless because these social media platforms hide your posts and comments.
I routinely post health and fitness related content on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and my personal WordPress blog, and can tell you the views are very low, under 10 views. Most views I have are probably me viewing my own videos. That means whatever I have posted on all four platforms, with current YouTube subscribers at 360 “followers”, Twitter at 1184 “followers”, Pinterest I have no idea how many subscribers “follow” me, but I have 6400 monthly views, whatever that means, and WordPress I have 61 “followers”. Who are all these “followers” across all these social media platforms if none are watching my videos, commenting, or liking?

I have let videos play while I’m away at computer hoping to generate “views” and somehow alter the algorithms. That hasn’t worked. Commenting on other people’s posts hasn’t worked either as many times my comments are hidden from public view.

2690 videos on YouTube over almost the last decade, 12000 tweets on twitter over almost the last decade, hundreds of WordPress posts, have garnered me no attention, no exposure, no views, meaning my intention of helping people has been time wasted.

Currently on YouTube I have 196310 total views since June 15, 2010. Out of 2690 videos, two videos are responsible for 77000 views. These two videos are promoted, but these two videos are not “health” encouraging, not “health” motivating, they are actually sad videos of people getting hurt. Why is Googles YouTube “promoting” videos of sadness, self harm, mental health issues instead of health and fitness videos?

For those wanting to get into social media marketing, I can share with you its not “marketing” at all, its “addiction”, and the whole system will eat up your life with every ounce of time and energy you have, all in the hopes of achieving your intentions, but trust me, your not in charge, the social media platforms are in charge, and guess who is in charge of these platforms….their sponsors, companies that pay for advertising, companies that pay for social media influencers to influence you to eat bad packaged foods, buy clothes you don’t need and cant afford, go on vacations that make you more depressed than happy, and on and on like drug dealers feeding their drug addicts, nothing good happens until your realize you got yourself into something that you didn’t ask for, or expect, but don’t know how to get out of it. Welcome to the modern world where social media is your virtual jail.

Yes its frustrating having no views, but it would be just as frustrating for me to have millions of “followers”. Let me explain, in short, I wouldn’t want that many people “following” me, it would mean that I have created such a following where people watch me whether they need to watch a particular video or post or not, and I couldn’t in good conscious allow myself to waste so many peoples lives. Its also frustrating when you pour your time, effort, expertise into videos and posts, and they are hidden, not seen. Why would these platforms allow us to waste our time?

As stated before, my intention with social media was always to help people. It doesn’t seem like I can do that because the powers that be are hiding my health and fitness posts. Thankfully I was always smart enough, and too busy enough to invest too much time into creating posts. As you can see my posts, even my sloppy written posts LOL 😊 are done very quickly, really proffer written, and get in get out approach of press record and press upload. I don’t have hours and days to create content, and even if I did, I wouldn’t waste my life in such a way.

Along with helping people I am also a role model. There is nothing fake about me. What you see is what you get and if you don’t like it you don’t have to 😊. With being a role model, obviously in real life, those in my life, those around me, those that know me, see me, talk to me, obviously not online because social media platforms hide me, therefore I cant be a role model if I’m invisible thanks to YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and WordPress. In being true to myself, and true to my intentions, and loving those in my life, I will not let social media or the modern world to change me. I will continue to post great health, fitness, motivational content in the hopes that one day they are seen, one day I can touch and change some lives. I wont stop posting even though currently all social media platforms are hiding my content and posts.

Its so easy to let social media “change’ us, and mold us into their ideal “person”. That doesn’t sound very real at all, sounds like I’m being molded into what corporations and influencers want. I love who I am, and what I stand for, therefore I will not stop with my loving intentions to help others online no matter who or what tries to stop me.

You can’t stop a person with meaningful and purposeful intentions. There is nothing more joyful then having a life, career, and intentions to help others become their best self. I am unstoppable in my goals to help others because this gift is inside of me, a part of me, and no one can change me for the worse, only the better. Together, lets help each other become our best self.
Whatever your goals are, don’t let nothing stand in your way!!!!

Coach George Tsanis

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