Family Day is Not A Day Off or Rest Day, It’s a Training Workout Fitness Day

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Family Day is Not A Day Off or Rest Day, It’s a Training Workout Fitness Day
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Family day, which has turned into “family weekend”, is not a “day off” or “rest day” from your regular scheduled workouts.

First, Family day is every day, you don’t need to be told to spend extra time with family, you should be spending as much time as possible with family.

Second, you don’t look for excuses to miss workouts and physical exercise, on the contrary, you look for opportunities to do more workouts, exercise, physical activities that fit into your lifestyle. The more conditioned you are, the more you can do, and the more you will want to do. People looking for extra “rest days” and “day offs” are holding back their progress at best and regressing in fitness levels at worse.

Some Tips if time and scheduling is a concern for Family Day:

1) Wake up earlier so you get your programmed workout completed and come back to family to spend a rich day together.

2) Family members encourage each other, so if you haven’t already done so, get gym memberships for the whole family and enjoy a beautiful family workout together under one roof.

3) If missing your scheduled workout can’t be avoided, choice a fun, active activity the whole family can engage in. Anything fun, exciting, and physically challenging can be selected to suit all members of the family. Skiing, hiking, long walks, wall climbing, swimming, hockey, indoor soccer, are some suggestions.

4) Missing a workout and spending the day inactive is not an option. Aside from being boring, it takes you away from your health and fitness goals. Start the day with exercise, and you will be all excited and charged up to spend a fun, energetic day with loved ones. Being lazy makes you lazy. Being active makes you more active. Missing workout or any form of physical activity is not an option, not allowed.

Have a fun family Day

Coach George Tsanis

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