Why I Quit Public Transit in Toronto Canada

Why I Quit Public Transit in Toronto Canada
#Travel #Canada #Stress

If I can’t trust or depend on you, then we can’t be friends.

If anything stresses me out I do my best to eliminate the stressor .

Over a month of not stepping on the Toronto Public Transit system TTC, and I feel so much happier, less tense, less worried about my travels. One of the best decisions I have made in this city.

Coach George Tsanis

Why I Quit Public Transit


Caught on Camera Crazy Woman Threatening People on Subway Takes out Dentures and Spits on Floor


City Life – The Modern World Designed to Ruin Your Day – But I Don’t Allow It #Life


Thanksgiving Weekend in God Less Canada Schedules Construction on Public Transit and Highways


Ever Wonder Why People in Toronto Canada are so Angry and Miserable? TRANSPORTATION


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