The Only Time You Should Look Back Is to See How Far You’ve Come Fitness Motivation #fitnessmotivation #life #goals

The Only Time You Should Look Back Is to See How Far You’ve Come Fitness Motivation
#fitnessmotivation #life #goals

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To continue this series of looking back, here is me, belt squats, 20 reps with 90 pounds, shows you how weak I was at this time, , but from not being able to walk and move without pain from 2014, things were starting to turn around in health and fitness, having a mixture of “good” and “bad” days, but most “good” 😊 and getting back to work full time 😊. More videos from the past to inspire and motivate, keep going, keep moving, don’t stop !!!)

Don’t forget all the hard work that got you here. What a beautiful journey of health and personal growth. As I have done hundreds of times before to others, taking people from their worse and transforming them to their current best, the journey is hard, rewarding, and each day enjoying the process of a better you.

A few years ago, I couldn’t even walk. Barely talk. I couldn’t work, not even from home. I will never forget the times, just like a baby, crawling on the floor, taking whatever inch of exercise I could muster. There were many times I would quiver in pain, my body fighting back, not knowing what was wrong, I had no way to fight back other then fighting to just be able to move. Many times, with tears pouring down my face, in pain, disheartened from being a shadow of my former self, from super strong to extremely weak.
Experience working with people with every issue you can think of, working closely with Doctors, Therapists, physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Strength and Conditioning Coaches gave me the knowledge and the courage to forge ahead with what I knew was going to be a long, painful, mentally and draining road to not just build myself to have normal strength again but become my best ever. I was never alone; I was surrounded by great people in my personal and professional life that made the journey of rebuilding myself a special experience. Your never alone in your journey.

I have seen this hundreds times with clients and people sent to me, the blood, sweat, tears, coming to me in their worst condition mentally and physically. There is no shame in bettering yourself, no matter where your starting point is. We all have a beginning, and the beginning begins when you decide you don’t want to become any worse than you are, and work towards becoming better, and eventually your best. If you haven’t already, make that decision now, seek professional help, family, friends, whatever you need to create that environment to rebuild yourself. You have lots of options. Giving up isn’t one of them!!!!

Looking back to see how far we’ve come is something we do daily with my clients and I. Knowing what you want, how you will get their, learning about the successes, mistakes, and roadblocks along the way is all part of the journey of real growth and transformation. By mindfully engaging in the transformation journey, you create a real you where you can look back at everything that made you worse, and everything that made you better, and from here you know what to do and not to do. I take my clients deep into the process of the whys and how’s. They know. They understand. Therefore, there is no going back to how they were, only moving forward to better and best.

Don’t forget how hard it was to get here. The time, energy, blood, sweat and tears are all worth it because it had meaning and purpose to you. If it didn’t, you will resort to your old destructive ways and lose all you have worked hard for. Therefore I encourage you to look back to see how far you’ve come often. It will keep you grounded, excited and motivated to become even better, never settling on “good enough”, Instead I hear loudly, “what’s next Coach?”. What’s next is what makes you better 😊

Coach George Tsanis

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