45 Degree Back Extensions Train All Angles, Be Strong, Look Great Everyday, All the Time

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45 Degree Back Extensions Train All Angles, Be Strong, Look Great Everyday, All the Time
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You can’t look great from all angles unless you train all muscles in various planes of motion. Its simple, you make ‘gains”, “adapt” in what you train, and if you’re not stimulating all muscle groups, in all angles and muscle function then you don’t make “gains”, “progress”, “Adapt, and that means you wont be strong in all angles, and certainly wont look good from all angles.

You’re either progressing or you’re not. You can tell when a person has a great training program when you see them look great from all angles, and strong in many exercises in all functions and planes of motion of each muscle, both locally and globally. How many people in the gym do you notice with a well developed back, glutes, hamstrings? Not many eh? Chest and arms look good, strong squat and deadlift, but after that, most of these people look like crap, can’t touch their toes, and in excruciating pain. Not exactly what I would call “in shape”. I would call that “out of shape”!

First thing I look at when assessing an individual is turn them around, if I don’t witness a well-developed backside, that tells me they aren’t training it, or not training it correctly. Next time you’re in the gym and see someone attempting to show off their body in tank tops and shorts, observe their upper and lower back, can see muscles popping out from all angles? What about the hamstrings, can you see those thick, ripped steel cords, or just a regular looking leg that looks like they don’t even train these muscles? What about glutes? Glute training is extra popular these days, but what I see is worthless exercises with excessive volumes that will never give you that ass you want.

Everyone has their favorite exercises, but your body doesn’t play favors when it comes to muscles or exercises. Its not what you “want’, its what you “need’! Every angle of the body must be trained to look great from every angle, be strong from every angle, and oh ya, be more injury resistance.

Train muscles from every angle.

If an exercise isn’t delivering results than stop doing it.

If your not training hard enough, your not challenging yourself, therefore you stay weak and soft instead of strong and hard.

Stop wasting time in the gym. 95%+ people in the gym are flat out not achieving their goals. They either don’t know how to train, or simply wont work hard enough to make much, if any progress.

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