Arm Training TRX Triceps Bodyweight Extensions #FitnessMotivation #Health

Arm Training TRX Triceps Bodyweight Extensions
#Arms #TRX #Bodyweighttraining

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Tip of the day; How many bodyweight exercises do you have in your program? Workout Solutions adds as many bodyweight exercises for each main muscle group. Don’t be “strong” in exercises utilizing barbells, dumbbells, cables, and machines, but lack the strength and conditioning to move your own body in a wide range of exercises, stretches, yoga, and more.

I don’t care how strong you are in the squat, bench oppress, and deadlift if you cant move your own body without gasping for air after a few reps, and that is even if you can do a few reps, and believe me, I see lots of “strong” people that cant walk up stairs without gasping for air, bench press artists that cant do a few push ups, and many that cant touch their toes, yet these people brag about how “strong” they are, workout for hours per week, yet their “gym strength” will not help them much in the real world.

Bodyweight exercises: can’t do a single repetition? Do what you can! Even if its half a repetition, or even a small few inches of motion, it’s a start, and a beginning to real strength and fitness. Doing what you can is better than not doing anything at all. Anyone that has even been in the gym with me can see me daily teaching and encouraging people to do pull ups, chin ups, push ups, even if its just half a rep. Those that can’t do a full repetition have so much gains coming their way, from 0 to 10 repetitions is a whole new level of conditioning waiting for you 😊

How many bodyweight exercises do you incorporate in your program? Hopefully I inspired you to add bodyweight exercises to your exercise program, you can thank me later 😉

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