TRX Standing Abs Fall Out #fitness #health #Motivation

TRX Standing Abs Fall Out
#abs #bodyweight #fatloss

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Is an “exercise” and “exercise”? What if some exercises offered “more’ than others, more meaning multiple benefits for the same time of performing an exercise. As an example, If one abdominal exercise specifically worked on your main muscles of the abdominal, but little else, lets just use a simple ab crunch on the floor to illustrate this example, then we have the TRX standing Abs fall out exercise which will not only “work” the abdominal muscles, but engage more of them, more strongly, along with core muscles such as the lower and upper back, legs, and also stretch and contract multiple muscles, and get you real world strong by practicing to use your own bodyweight while engaging most of the muscles of the body. You can see comparing your typical crunch, which I’m sure you see on most gym visits, doesn’t compare in terms of time and benefits delivered by the TRX Ab fall out.

To answer the question, an “exercise” is an “exercise” of course, but most exercises are not equal in what they can deliver in terms of strength, conditioning, flexibility, and engaging the muscles the way they were meant to be engaged, globally as opposed to “isolation”. You can do multiple exercises to make up for a single exercise shortcomings, but why would I have to add several abdominal exercises, lower back exercises, and stretching exercises when I can add a few that get the job done better and more efficiently?

Isolation exercises are generally easier, which is why people select them. Isolation exercises are also less effective, which is why people don’t make the progress they seek. Isolation exercises also requires you do perform more exercises and stretches to make up for its shortcomings, which means people either can’t do all the necessary exercises to work the whole body because of time constraints, or they do have time, but they waste it on less effective exercises because they are either brainwashed by media that sells them less effective strategies so they never achieve their goals, or they are smarter than most coaches like myself that teach them a better, more efficient way of training, a train strategy that will deliver the results they desire.

Give you something to think about 😉

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