TRX Biceps Curls Conditioning Workout

TRX Biceps Curls Conditioning Workout
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When you think of “cardio” or “conditioning” you most likely think about treadmill, running, steppers, rowers, Elliptical, and stationary cycling. Aside from the rower, which most people do incorrectly and at low intensity, most “cardio” and “conditioning” exercises are legs, lower body. Rarely do people do upper body exercises, and upper body muscle groups in a challenging, endurance, conditioning fashion type workout and training, and that’s a BIG mistake. As you can witness in my Real Cardio Weighted Push Ups 100 Reps video, at Workout Solutions we train the whole body for strength and conditioning, leaving no muscle groups unchallenged that will one day be our “weakest link”, we don’t have weak links, we train for strength and conditioning head to toe 😉

TRX Biceps bodyweight curls, 40+ repetition in under 6 minutes at a bodyweight of just over 200 pounds, that’s strength and conditioning. Its obvious from watching the video I’m just “screwing around’, and I admit I am 😊, this is another lesson of what was “planned” on paper is worthless once you get to the gym, meaning that my “planned” workout for Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, and Abdominals had to be revised immediately to accommodate my mood and energy, so I decided to “screw around” with some challenging bodyweight exercises, lots of reps, sets, and time how many repetitions I can do against the clock.

Somethings to think about:

1) Do you do strength and conditioning exercises for the whole body, all muscle groups, for a variety of exercises per muscle groups, or the usual “cardio” exercises found in every gym that yield no to low results for time and effort?

2) Do you have a contingency plan for when your mood, energy, and time are not in line with the schedules planned workout, or will you skip the workout, do any exercise with no particular reason as to why your doing it, or have a list of exercises that can be used as substitutes and know why they are selected and how they benefit you.

3) Has you exercise program delivered the results you are working towards, or just spinning your wheels on useless “cardio” machines and meaningless exercises? Here’s a hint; if your exercise program is “working” you would know 😉 , You would know via whatever method you use to monitor “gains”, you would have people complimenting you on your “progress”, or you would have an alert Coach like myself that would be honest with you and tell you what is or isn’t working and why.

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Real Cardio Weighted Push Ups 100 Reps

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