TRX Summer Abdominal Workout

TRX Summer Abdominal Workout
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Clickbait? YES!!! Let get this straight, there is no “training” or “workouts for Summer. You either look good all they time, or on your way to looking good all the time. The practice of getting “in shape” for summer and getting fatter during winter is both unhealthy and a waste of time. You don’t get into shape to get out of shape on purpose, which is what many, including “health” professionals’ practice, which is why even performance enhancing abusers look like they don’t even exercise, and why “naturals” cant make progress. Get in shape to get out of shape, say that 10 times and let it sink in.

Back to this video, TRX standing abdominal fall outs, a great exercise that will work your core harder than most ‘ab” exercises, also involve most of the body, making it more of a full body exercise rather than an abdominal isolation exercise, you also get stronger, and work on flexibility. Its an exercise, and its variations that make the core structure of our abdominal program, whether its spring, summer, autumn, or winter, because at Workout Solutions we are either chasing the goal of getting in our best shape ever, or maintaining that best shape ever into better and better. Getting in shape to get out of shape to then focus on getting in shape later because of seasonal changes where we are outside more with more revealing clothing makes no sense at all.

Yo-Yo dieting and Yo-Yo Fitness is what people witness on social media and in the gyms with every visit whether they realize it or not, and our environment filled with special events, holidays, celebrations, and junk foods and food disorder encouraging people, advertising, you can see YoY o dieting, YoY o fitness, getting in shape if you do get in shape only to “plan” to get out of shape again, then run that unhealthy cycle over and over does just that, metabolic damage, ages you, encourages fat gains that can be impossible to lose, muscle gains that will be lost and hard to recover, food disorder issues, and a laundry list of negative effects that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Summertime get in shape programs? Here’s my tip = GET IN SHAPE, do everything to make yourself better and best, and nothing to make yourself worse. Don’t be a YO-YO

For consultations = Coach George Tsanis

TRX Summer Abdominal Workout

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