I Love Mondays Workout Fitness Motivation

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I Love Mondays Workout Fitness Motivation
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Mondays, beginning of a new week, better and better each day, each workout, each week, every month, year to year. Mondays are the high energy days where most have taken some time off from the gym to enjoy other forms of physical activity, get some rest, lots of good healthy food to replenish the body of nutrients it needs to grow, recover, and get better.

I love Mondays because I can witness my clients get stronger, faster, healthier after last weeks hard gym work, progress doesn’t lie. It also gives me satisfaction knowing my clients do everything to make themselves better, enjoy their life, their bodies, and use it to bring happiness, joy, and satisfaction in whatever ad however they decide to use their time. I’m grateful and proud that over the past decades people have trusted me with their health and fitness goals, and Mondays is the beginning of another few days of training to create better and healthier bodies before taking another well-deserved rest.

I’m inspired to make this post as I witness so many people using the weekend to destroy their health, their “:gains”, and its not just regular gym goers, its health professionals that also partake in this weekend ritual of doing so much damage that at best ruins our gains in the gym, in affect making much of “gym time” a “waste of time”, and at worst, just assaulting the body with drugs, alcohol, sugar, junk processed foods that have zero to do with happiness, joy, health, fitness, or creating a better you.

I love Mondays because I wake up and start my week with people that say what they mean, and do what’s necessary to life a balanced healthy lifestyle that always creates a stronger and more resilient you so that you can be stronger and more resilient in the real world of work, rest, and play. They trust me to give them the best guidance in their goals, and Monday is the day when I can monitor who has been “good” on the week, and how much we are progressing.

Have a beautiful week

Coach George Tsanis


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