TRX Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Abs Workout

TRX Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Abs Workout
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I much prefer to record a full workout from start to finish so people can see a REAL workout, real effort, real rest periods, “good” sets, and “bad” sets…. a REAL workout. A lot of what you see on social media isn’t “real”. People not posting exercise videos unless they absolutely look strong and shredded. How many videos have you seen where a social media influencer looks bad? I’ve seen these “influencers” do sets after sets until they get something “just right” to post. People pumping and posing before filming, so they look vascular and ripped, this also involves using ergogenic aids to get that perfect “look” 😉 . People taking extra rest between the filmed set, so they are 100% ready for a “maximum”, but this isn’t “real-world “training. I will make a vlog on the stuff I see social media influencers do to make training videos, and most of it is not a “real” workout, but for those not in the “know” wouldn’t know the “tricks” involved in the production of posts.

Here you see me having a “light” workout, had to revise my workout, and this is what I came up with to be fun, safe, and productive. Real sets, real rest, and instead of trying to “impress” you, which is never my intentions with any of my posts, I hope you learn something by viewing a real workout, even though this is just the middle of the workout, I didn’t film the begging or the last sets as I am in the gym top focus on myself, not making videos that are mostly hidden by the powers that be. And I also have respect for other gym members and don’t want to turn the gym into a movie studio.

As you may have noticed the low production value of my vlogs and posts, that is because as a Strength and Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer I get paid to make people achieve their fitness / sports goals, my job isn’t to spend hours and hours making social media posts. I press “record”, and I “upload”, and may write a quit write up that I rarely review and edit. If I was getting paid for these posts, I still doubt I would do it any other way. Enjoy the workout, press record, pound out real sets, real rest, and upload the real workout where I look “good” or “bad”. Its not about a “good” workout or “bad” workout, this is a real workout that had to be modified on the spot do to my energy, mood, and time constraints, this is REAL LIFE, not the fake stuff you see most social media influencers posting.

The fake stuff doesn’t “teach” you anything, it only gives you false hopes and beliefs that trick you into chasing something you cant ever achieve, unless your doing what the social media influencer your following is doing 😉, and you will never know 😉

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